iOS version of Pic-a-POD going to be free

Last time, I wrote that Apple had informed me that “the review process will require additional time” for Pic-a-POD for iOS. Since then, I have found that this translates to “our lawyers are looking into it”.

Pic-a-POD has been rejected twice now for “Use of protected 3rd party material”. I think my initial mistake was setting up in-app purchases. While I believe this to be the best way to get people to buy an app (giving a crippled version away for free and then charging to unlock features), it made it appear that I was giving away the app and then charging for access to someone else’s photos.

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iOS App Store approval delayed…

The iOS version of Pic-a-POD was uploaded to the App Store for approval on December 6th. Much to my surprise, it moved to “In Review” on December 7th – less than a day later. I was expecting a few days like with the Mac version.

But then I heard nothing back until on December 10th, I got an email from Apple apologising for the delay but informing me that the review process will require additional time. I don’t know if this related to Pic-a-POD specifically or if they are just very busy right now.

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Pic-a-POD for iOS submitted to the App Store

I have just submitted Pic-a-POD for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch to the App Store!

After working through the Mac submission process, it all felt quite familiar. I had to get a distribution profile and build the app using that, then archive it. The instructions at the Apple developer portal are for Xcode 3.x and I would guess that most people, myself included, are now using Xcode 4.x so they could do with some upgrading, but although the interface had changed, it was easy enough to work out what to do.

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iOS app nearly ready

Pic-a-POD for iOS is just undergoing its final tests before submission to the App Store. I’m pleased with how it has turned out and am enjoying being able to set my wallpaper more often, especially on my iPad where the screen is big enough to show detail. While the lock screen wallpaper can be anything, picking wallpaper that will work behind a grid of icons is more difficult. I find landscapes are usually the best.

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Pic-a-POD for Mac Reviews

Since reviews are scattered throughout the various App Stores, I thought it might be fun to amalgamate them here:

Great way to beautify your day!

by Thomas Moore

This app will supply you with a never-ending stream of the most beautiful images on the web. It allows you to pull them in from eight different POD sites at present, and more can be added. The images are automatically downloaded daily and cycled onto your desktop wallpaper at intervals of your choice. You get nutshell information about every image, as well as links to the original sites for more in depth inquiry. It is drop-dead easy to use and will make your screen drop-dead beautiful every day. 99¢ for access to all these images, and you can share them on your social network with a click, as well. This is the best source of striking, unique imagery that I have ever seen…

Pic-a-POD does what it says…

par Jacques 971

And does it very quickly and well…

Works fine under Mac OS X 10.6.8 on my MacBook Pro (Pic-a-POD v2.0.0).


Neat Picture of the Day App

by Tim Reichelt

Smooth. My favorite POD sites conveniently fed to my desktop. Very polished now compared to version 1.

Thanks to all reviewers, and it anyone else likes to post a review, that would be much appreciated.

Testing iOS in-app purchases

I am working on Pic-a-POD for iOS and my plan is to have the basic app free, but with access to a single POD only. Unlocking the other PODs will be done via an in-app purchase.

For testing purposes, Apple asks you to create test user accounts inside your iTunes Connect account. You set them up for a specific regional app store and when you use them to buy, Apple’s servers respond correctly, but no money is involved.

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Pic-a-POD now available on the Mac App Store

My third icon was passed by Apple’s reviewers, and I am very pleased to be able to say that there were no other issues with Pic-a-POD, so the app is now ready for sale. I have a Mac App Store link that works, but it seems that Pic-a-POD is not yet completely incorporated into the App Store as searching for it returns no results. But clicking the image below will take you to the app’s link on the App Store where it sells for 99 cents.

Pic-a-POD on the Mac App StoreIf any beta testers would like a promo code, please email me and I will be happy to send one as long as they last. In return, I would appreciate a rating and review.

Setting up In-App Purchases

Today I am working on incorporating in-app purchases into the iOS version of Pic-a-POD. My plan is to have the basic app be free, but that will only allow access to the large pic from one of the available sources. An in-app purchase will unlock full access.

I was following all the steps detailed in Apple’s documentation, and the actual coding was not complex. But it wasn’t working. You have to send a product request to the App Store and every time, mine kept coming back as an invalid ID.

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