One star review on iTunes

A few days ago, Pic-a-POD for Mac received the following review on the Mac App Store:


Separating this out, the reviewer has the following issues:

  1. Not enough info during downloads.
  2. Resets desktop change on download.
  3. Should be more controllable by the user.
  4. Could have a prettier interface.

Since Apple provides no way to communicate back to reviewers, I am posting my response here in the hope that the reviewer will read this and contact me.

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iPad Popovers

With the iPad, Apple introduced a new user interface element called the popover. This was mainly used in apps where there was a navigation list and a larger view showing more information: what Apple calls a Master-Detail application.

In landscape mode, the list is shown fully on the left of the screen and the details on the right. Switch to portrait mode and the list disappears, but is accessible from a button in the top left that shows the popover.

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As a small developer with no marketing budget, getting your apps out there is a problem. You send notices to all the big review sites, along with promo keys so they can try it for free, but it’s a bit like going for your first job: you have no experience so we can’t give you a job, so you can’t get experience. Unless you or your apps are already famous, it is very difficult get the publicity needed to make them famous.

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Pic-a-POD Mac update

Version 2.0.1 of Pic-a-POD for Mac has just been submitted to the App Store.

The main new feature is that the main Pic-a-POD window will now fill with pics, going back in time as required to fill the space. This is really useful if you only want to follow one or two POD sites and don’t want to see a lot of empty space in the window every day. Here is a screen shot showing PIc-a-POD set up to get pics from Wikipedia only.

Filled window

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Pic-a-POD for iOS now available

After the approval delays detailed in my last two posts, Pic-a-POD for iOS was finally approved on Saturday 7th January and went on sale in the App Store on Sunday 8th.

iOS App Store

As discussed, it is a free app, but hopefully will be seen as a companion to the more powerful Mac app, so will have a knock-on effect of generating actually sales.