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What’s a POD?

POD (sometimes also referred to as POTD) is an acronym for Picture Of (The) Day.

Some web sites publish a new image every day and Pic-a-POD is designed to gather these PODs for you easily and quickly every day.

If you know of any other sites that have a POD, please let me know. The site must have a regular format with new pictures at least every week day, and they must have a large version of the picture available for download.

What happened to Pic-a-POD for Windows?

I am unable to support Windows properly so there will be no Pic-a-POD 2 for Windows.

As the web sites change their structure, the existing version of Pic-a-POD, for Windows and older Macs, will gradually cease to function.

I was using a cross-platofrm development tool which allowed me to code for Mac & Windows, but I found that it gave a result that was unsatisfactory for both platforms – an app that didn’t look or feel quite like a Mac app or a Windows app. So I decided to concentrate on my preferred platform and make a Mac app that I could be proud of.

If you migrate from Windows to a Mac, any old Pic-a-POD pictures will be migrated too and will be available to the new version of Pic-a-POD.