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iOS app nearly ready

Pic-a-POD for iOS is just undergoing its final tests before submission to the App Store. I’m pleased with how it has turned out and am enjoying being able to set my wallpaper more often, especially on my iPad where the screen is big enough to show detail. While the lock screen wallpaper can be anything, picking wallpaper that will work behind a grid of icons is more difficult. I find landscapes are usually the best.

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Finding your iOS device’s ID

If you want to join an iOS beta program, the developer will need to know the unique ID of your iOS device – the UDID. This is because beta apps are distributed to a limited set of devices, not through the App Store and the developer has to create a development profile that includes the UDIDs of every device permitted to install the test app.

To find this ID, connect your device to iTunes either wirelessly or via USB. Select the device in the side-bar, then select Summary in the tabs at the top. You will see a display similar to this:

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Release candidate now available

Release candidate 1 of Pic-a-POD 2 has just been uploaded.

All reported bugs have now been fixed, the feature list is complete and the help has been checked. Please test and report any further issues as soon as possible.

Plans for version 2.1 include a bulk downloader to catch up on a missing chunk e.g. if you don’t run Pic-a-POD for a week. Also a preference setting to limit the number of pics that Pic-a-POD stores for you.

Update: Pic-a-POD is now available at the Mac App Store, so the beta is now closed.

Mac beta nearly over

With the release of beta 34 yesterday (30th October 2011), I think we are very near the end of the beta stage for version 2.0 of Pic-a-POD.

I only have one pending issue: the icon in the Dock menu is showing at a lower res than expected. I hope to get that fixed over the next day or two and then plan to start the submission process to the App Store.

Update: I think I have fixed the dock icon issue. Tim has done a great job proof-reading the help while Jacques tracks down the remaining bugs. I need to run a test over-night to check the calendar, but then I think we are just about ready for release.

Pic-a-POD 2 for Mac now in beta

Pic-a-POD 2 for Mac

Pic-a-POD version 2 is now in beta. The interface has been completely re-designed and the application is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or 10.7 (Lion).

Update: the first release candidate is now available from the link above.

Further update: the app is now available in the Mac App Store, so the beta is no longer available.