Updates to Pic-a-POD

In August 2012, both versions of Pic-a-POD (Mac & iOS) were updated.

The Mac version was made fully compatible with Mountain Lion.

  • Desktop changes posted to Mountain Lion Notification Center so you can get info about your current desktop with a swipe.
  • Sharing a link to a pic will use Mountain Lion’s new sharing facilities if available.
  • Closing main window no longer quits the app.

Bug fixes:

  • Twirly when receiving new image was not always disappearing.
  • Status bar looked wrong with Mountain Lion.

If you don’t like the way notifications appear, you can configure this in
System Preferences > Notifications.

One consequence of this update is that I have no dropped support for OS 10.6.x
I do not have the resources to support more than two major version of the operating system, so 10.7 and 10.8 are the only supported systems.

Unfortunately, the previous version of Pic-a-POD (2.0.5) had a bug when run under 10.6 and peoples till using 10.6 cannot update to the new version. If anyone has this problem, please use the “Report a bug…” menu item to contact me and I will send you a 10.6-specific version of the app.

The iOS version had only very minor changes. The icon is now brighter and accented characters are now handled better in the picture captions.

2 thoughts on “Updates to Pic-a-POD

    1. Hi David,

      Pic-POD only supports Mac or iOS.
      There used to be a Windows version but I stopped developing and supporting that a few years ago.


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