Pic-a-POD 2.0.5 for Mac

Fully compatible with Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8)

Now sand-boxed for security as required by the Mac App Store.

If you want to send a bug report, but are using a web-based email client, select “Copy app report to clipboard” from the Help menu. Create your email as usual and paste the report in. Send the report, with any extra comments and screens shots, to pod@troz.net

Most of the fixes in this version are to do with the way Pic-a-POD interacts with System Preferences. If you have System Preferences set to change your desktop regularly, any explicit setting of a desktop pic, by Pic-a-POD or any other means, will turn this option off.

So now, if Pic-a-POD detects that your are using System Prefs this way, it will not make any automatic changes to your desktop and will ask for confirmation if you select a new desktop pic manually.

Bug fix: if the desktop pic was set by System Prefs, the window would not automatically fill with pics on startup. This is now fixed.

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