One star review on iTunes

A few days ago, Pic-a-POD for Mac received the following review on the Mac App Store:


Separating this out, the reviewer has the following issues:

  1. Not enough info during downloads.
  2. Resets desktop change on download.
  3. Should be more controllable by the user.
  4. Could have a prettier interface.

Since Apple provides no way to communicate back to reviewers, I am posting my response here in the hope that the reviewer will read this and contact me.

Not enough info during downloads: this is partially by design and partially due to mis-handling of simultaneous downloads. The next version will have more accurate indications of which pictures are still to be downloaded and of the progress of each download. However this app is designed to run in the background, so there will never be a very overt display of download information.

Resets desktop change on download: this is the one that worries me as it is a bug that I have not encountered and that nobody else has reported. There is some ambiguity in the report, which is why I would really appreciate alfredo87460 getting in touch. Pic-a-POD downloads up to 8 pictures per day and I cannot tell from this review whether the desktop change time gets reset after every one, only after the first one per day, or if this user only gets one POD per day. This setting is stored in Preferences when the menu item is selected and only changed when a new time is selected from the menu.

Should be more controllable by the user: again, an issue where I would welcome more details. What exactly should the user be able to do that cannot be done now? I prefer to aim for simplicity over complexity, but I am always willing to listen to suggestions.

Could have a prettier interface: this one is just a matter of opinion, and no interface is ever going to please everybody. People more skilled at graphic design could doubtless come up with a prettier interface, but that is not my forte.

In conclusion, if anyone has seen this bug with the desktop change time resetting, please contact me. The best way to is use “Report a bug…” in Pic-a-POD’s Help menu as that gives me information about your Pic-a-POD settings.

And some more reviews (hopefully good ones) would always be welcome.

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  1. Thanks to Alfredo for contacting me and explaining the problem he raised in point 2 of his review. This has been fixed in version 2.0.5

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