Pic-a-POD 2.0.3 for Mac

This update became available on the App Store on 21st March 2012.

Mainly a bug fix, as for some reason the Sources menu was no longer showing anything, which meant that there was no way to change your selection of PODs to get.

I blame my cat, who tends to walk or lie on my keyboard when he wants attention.

Kips the keyboard cat
Kips the Keyboard Cat

Anyway, since I don’t like to release without at least one new feature, I made a change that one user had suggested to me: if you have the main Pic-a-POD window expanded, you can see more than one day’s worth of pics. In that case, clicking the forward and back arrow buttons under the calendar will now jump by the number of complete days you have showing. This means that you will get most of the pics refreshed when you change date using the arrows – it may not be a complete refresh, since the last day may only be partially visible. Thanks for the suggestion.

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