Pic-a-POD 2.0.2 for Mac

A new version of Pic-a-POD is currently waiting for review in the App Store. This should come online in the next few days and the update will be available through the App Store application. The main new feature is a Recent Desktops menu so you can flick back through the last 10 desktops used.

Recent Desktops menu

The Dock menu now has an option to delete the current desktop pic (I can’t believe I forgot to add that before – it was in Pic-a-POD 1).

Keyboard shortcuts have been added to all windows – these are documented in the Help, but in case that does not appear (Apple’s Help system has caching issues so does not always show the most recent version), here they are:

Main Window:

  • Double-click any thumbnail picture to set it as the current desktop.
  • Command-double-click any thumbnail picture to open the Information window to see a larger version, read more info or share the pic.

Information Window:

  • Delete or Backspace will delete the picture.
  • Command-D or clicking in the picture will set the current desktop to that pic.
  • Command-F shows the picture file in the Finder.
  • Right & left arrow keys cycle through the pictures shown in the main window.

Browser Window:

  • Click once to select a picture. Shift-click to select a range. Command-click to select multiples. The following shortcuts operate on the selected pic(s).
  • Command-D or double-clicking in the selected picture will set the current desktop to that pic.
  • Command-F shows the file for the first selected pic in the Finder.
  • Command-I opens the Information window for the first selected pic in the Finder showing a larger version, more info and sharing options.
  • Delete will delete all the selected pictures after a confirmation dialog. To delete without confirmation, use Option-Delete.
And then there were some bug fixes:
  • Deleted pics were stopping future updates.
  • Info window was not cycling past deleted pics.
  • System version was being checked too often.
  • Dock menu entries are now truncated if they are really long.
  • Astronomy pics should no longer show their default thumbnail, even if the Astronomy web site has not been fully updated.

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