Monthly Archives: March 2012

iPad Popovers

With the iPad, Apple introduced a new user interface element called the popover. This was mainly used in apps where there was a navigation list and a larger view showing more information: what Apple calls a Master-Detail application.

In landscape mode, the list is shown fully on the left of the screen and the details on the right. Switch to portrait mode and the list disappears, but is accessible from a button in the top left that shows the popover.

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As a small developer with no marketing budget, getting your apps out there is a problem. You send notices to all the big review sites, along with promo keys so they can try it for free, but it’s a bit like going for your first job: you have no experience so we can’t give you a job, so you can’t get experience. Unless you or your apps are already famous, it is very difficult get the publicity needed to make them famous.

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