Pic-a-POD for iOS submitted to the App Store

I have just submitted Pic-a-POD for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch to the App Store!

After working through the Mac submission process, it all felt quite familiar. I had to get a distribution profile and build the app using that, then archive it. The instructions at the Apple developer portal are for Xcode 3.x and I would guess that most people, myself included, are now using Xcode 4.x so they could do with some upgrading, but although the interface had changed, it was easy enough to work out what to do.

Again I went through the last minute checks for memory leaks and other issues and it all seems good. Now I wait…. The Mac app took about 4 days before the first review, but I have no idea whether iOS apps are being processed faster or slower. My instinct would be for slower, since I would expect more apps to be submitted for iOS than for Mac.

Screen shots were made using the iOS Simulator in iPad and iPhone Retina modes. The iOS Simulator has a menu item labelled “Screen Shot” but if it did anything, this was not apparent and I could find no screen shot files on my drive. But then I found the “Copy Screen” menu item which copied the screen without the simulator frame and that worked fine for all the pics I wanted to take.

The in-app purchases details were already in place and I had tested them multiple times using test accounts set up to operate in various App Stores around the world.

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