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Code-signing the app

Before any app can be submitted to the App Store, it has to be code-signed using your developer credentials. This involves creating an app ID, creating certificates and then setting the build settings to use these.

The app ID uses an internal name for your app that cannot contain any special characters. Since this ruled out Pic-a-POD, I just used picapod to match the web site. The app ID also needs a bundle identifier which is like com.domainname.appname. In my case this became com.picapod.picapod

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Earth Observatory puzzle

The Earth Observatory POD for 4th November 2011 is a geographic puzzle. You have to try to identify the location of the image and then answer true or false to a series of statements about that location.

You can see the image and read the questions in Pic-a-POD (and don’t be afraid to scroll down the text – there are no spoilers), but to submit an answer, you need to go the original web site and follow the link to the Quiz answer form. Here is a direct link to the web page:

The quiz deadline is Wednesday, November 9, 2011, 4 p.m. PST.

Mac App Store – Part 2

When I last posted, I was stuck on the tax section on the iTunes Connect setup. Since then I have made great progress.

As I was unable to register for GST online, I rang the Australian Tax Office and the person I spoke to there was extremely helpful. I needed to confirm my identity by giving him my TFN and various other details, but once that was complete, he was able to set me up for GST.

Once I had registered for GST, I felt that I had completed the contractual obligations set down by Apple, so I was able to proceed to request a Paid Mac Apps contract. This moved the contract to the Pending section with 3 red buttons labelled “Set up”: Contact, Bank & Tax.

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Preparing for the Mac App Store

As I wend my way through the administration required to get an app into the Mac App Store, I thought it might be interesting & useful to others if I reported my progress.

Firstly, I paid $99 for a one year Mac developer subscription. I already had an iOS developer subscription, so I was able to add to that with the same Apple ID.

The next step is to set up your account at iTunes Connect, which is your portal to the App Store.
Contracts, Tax and Banking are the first things to do, and that is where I am stuck right now.

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Release candidate now available

Release candidate 1 of Pic-a-POD 2 has just been uploaded.

All reported bugs have now been fixed, the feature list is complete and the help has been checked. Please test and report any further issues as soon as possible.

Plans for version 2.1 include a bulk downloader to catch up on a missing chunk e.g. if you don’t run Pic-a-POD for a week. Also a preference setting to limit the number of pics that Pic-a-POD stores for you.

Update: Pic-a-POD is now available at the Mac App Store, so the beta is now closed.