Pic-a-POD for Mac Reviews

Since reviews are scattered throughout the various App Stores, I thought it might be fun to amalgamate them here:

Great way to beautify your day!

by Thomas Moore

This app will supply you with a never-ending stream of the most beautiful images on the web. It allows you to pull them in from eight different POD sites at present, and more can be added. The images are automatically downloaded daily and cycled onto your desktop wallpaper at intervals of your choice. You get nutshell information about every image, as well as links to the original sites for more in depth inquiry. It is drop-dead easy to use and will make your screen drop-dead beautiful every day. 99¢ for access to all these images, and you can share them on your social network with a click, as well. This is the best source of striking, unique imagery that I have ever seen…

Pic-a-POD does what it says…

par Jacques 971

And does it very quickly and well…

Works fine under Mac OS X 10.6.8 on my MacBook Pro (Pic-a-POD v2.0.0).


Neat Picture of the Day App

by Tim Reichelt

Smooth. My favorite POD sites conveniently fed to my desktop. Very polished now compared to version 1.

Thanks to all reviewers, and it anyone else likes to post a review, that would be much appreciated.

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