Mac App Store rejection #2

It took longer than I had expected to get reviewed again after the first rejection. The app with it’s new icon was “In Review” on November 09, 2011 15:46 and then was “Rejected” on November 11, 2011 09:00.

The reason given was the same as the first time:

The app includes an Apple trademarked image. This does not comply with the Guidelines for Using Apple’s Trademarks and Copyrights.

The app icon is derived from the iCal icon, and uses the iCal icon template.

This time I sent a message back, pointing out that I had changed the icon so that it was no longer using the iCal template. I got a message back within a couple of hours:

Thank you for your response and prompt attention to the Trademark issue. While we cannot give legal guidance on the specifics of a trademark, it would be appropriate to remove iCal resemblance from your app icon.

So back to the drawing board… I am keen to keep a calendar motif, as I think the idea of a picture on a calendar really fits well with Pic-a-POD’s function. But I guess my orange variant could still have been mistaken for iCal. After discussing it with everyone around here, and checking the apps already in the App Store with similar icons, I decided to try again, but with a different colour and shape. So here is the next attempt:

Icon - take 3

Then I got paranoid and removed some other images that might also have been a problem. I had been using a System Preferences icon and a Finder icon to show links to these apps, but I replaced the image files with code that retrieves the icon from the app as needed. This is the same as the code that shows the icon for the default browser or mail client in the window that shows the larger pic. I had also been using the Trash can icon to mark a deleted pic, so I replaced that too.

The app has now been uploaded and the status is back to “In Review”. While it may be rejected again, it would be nice to get past this issue at least.

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