Setting up In-App Purchases

Today I am working on incorporating in-app purchases into the iOS version of Pic-a-POD. My plan is to have the basic app be free, but that will only allow access to the large pic from one of the available sources. An in-app purchase will unlock full access.

I was following all the steps detailed in Apple’s documentation, and the actual coding was not complex. But it wasn’t working. You have to send a product request to the App Store and every time, mine kept coming back as an invalid ID.

Eventually, I stumbled across a wonderful blog by Troy Brant dealing all the steps I needed to perform. I highly recommend this to anyone planning on implementing in-app purchases:

Troy pointed out that I was missing a step, which was that I had to upload a binary to iTunes Connect before this would work. Following his instructions, I created a developer certificate and provisioning profile, uploaded the binary and then rejected the binary so that it would not be reviewed, since the app is still not finished.

I was then able to get back a valid product ID from the App Store. I haven’t tested purchasing yet, although I have set up my test user account so I can try this without actually spending any money.

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