Mac App Store rejection #1

Pic-a-POD for Mac was uploaded and marked as “Waiting For Review” on November 05, 2011 22:12 (I presume that is the time in Cupertino). On November 09, 2011 09:49 it moved to “In Review”, so it seems to take 3 – 4 days to get to the head of the queue. By November 09, 2011 15:05 it was rejected.

The app was rejected because I had based the app icon on the iCal icon instead of creating an entirely new icon. I have to say that I had half expected this rejection, so it didn’t worry me too much. However I am graphically challenged, so creating an icon from scratch is not really an option. In the end I found a public-domain calendar image, added the same film strip pic to it that I had used in the original icon, and uploaded again.


Here is the new icon – as you can see it is very similar to the original but with a different coloured header, different rings and at a different angle.

I uploaded the new binary at November 09, 2011 15:45 and by 15:46 the app status was back to “In Review”, which tells me that a rejection does not put you right back to the beginning of the queue again. Now to see what happens tomorrow…



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