Setting pricing & release date for the Mac app

One thing I forgot to mention when detailing how to set up the app data in iTunes Connect was the info about pricing & release date. This can be edited from iTunes Connect later anyway, but I assume that after the app goes live, it becomes more difficult to make changes.

To set a price, you have to choose a Price Tier. This means you cannot decide to make you app cost some weird price like $3.87 or $14.03 – it has to have one of Apple’s standard prices. When you select a price tier, a table appear that shows what this means in App Stores around the world – what price customers will pay and how much gets back to the developer.

I have chosen Tier 1 for Pic-a-POD, which is the basic 99 cents price. My reasoning is that 99 cents is low enough to be an impulse buy, so I am hoping for volume. However I am expecting more sales from the iOS App Store when that version is ready, because I don’t think use of the Mac App Store is very wide-spread yet. With the iOS App Store being the only available source of apps for non-jail-broken phones, I would expect any app to get more attention there.

Apple also has a facility to set a different price tier for a specific range of dates e.g. for an introductory special, but I have not set that.

With the release date, you can choose any date, but I remember reading somewhere that when the App Store is collating “New” apps, it looks at this release date. If I specified a day before the app passes review and gets to the store, then my app may never appear as “New”. So I have chosen 1st December 2011.

The app is still marked as “Waiting For Review”, so I have no idea yet about a possible release date. If the review process looks like taking a long time, I will push the release date out further. And once the app passes review, I expect I will be able to set the release date to something more immediate.

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