Finding your iOS device’s ID

If you want to join an iOS beta program, the developer will need to know the unique ID of your iOS device – the UDID. This is because beta apps are distributed to a limited set of devices, not through the App Store and the developer has to create a development profile that includes the UDIDs of every device permitted to install the test app.

To find this ID, connect your device to iTunes either wirelessly or via USB. Select the device in the side-bar, then select Summary in the tabs at the top. You will see a display similar to this:

iOS device in iTunesClick on the serial number and the label will change to showing “Identifier (UDID):” while the data becomes a long string of letters and numbers – actually a hexadecimal number.

You cannot select this number, but if you press Command-C while it is showing, the UDID will be copied into your clipboard for pasting into an email or beta application form.

For anyone wishing to join the Pic-a-POD iOS beta, please send this UDID to with details of the device and the version of iOS you have installed. Pic-a-POD for iOS requires iOS 5 but is a universal app for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Betas will be distributed using TestFlight which is a brilliant system that makes it all much easier.

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