Getting the app ready for the App Store

Now that I have all the admin work completed, it’s time to get the app itself ready. The main change I have to make from the beta versions is removing the updating mechanism. Since the App Store handles all this, they don’t allow apps to have built-in updating. I had been using the Sparkle framework, but now I removed it, as well as the menu item for checking.

The icon file was another thing I had to fix. The App Store submission checklist states that the apps need a 512×512 icon and a 128×128 icon. Unlike for iOS apps, they do not specify the file names needed, so I just edited my icns file to make sure that it contained all the valid icon sizes. Previously I had only included a 512×512 image. I am hoping that the App Store will just use the icns file to display the icons they need. If not, I guess they will ask for the icons as separate image files.

I also had to add a new entry to the apps property list: NSHumanReadableCopyright. This appears automatically in the About box, so I was able to remove the copyright info that I had been putting in manually.

Next step was to log on to iTunes Connect, navigate to the “Manage Your Applications” and click the “Add New App” button. I had to select whether it was a Mac or iOS app, select my app’s bundle ID and then I was given a form to fill in asking for the expected details: name of app, version number, keywords, description, support URL etc.

The form also asked for screen shots which had to be a specific size and format: either 1280×800 or 1440×900 pixels, at least 72 DPI, RGB and either a jpg, png or tiff. If you are using the standard Mac screen shot utility to get these pics, then I found that a window size of 1160 x 686 gives a screen shot of exactly 1280 x 800. Pic-a-POD keeps a preferences plist that stores window sizes, so I edited that manually to give me these dimensions on all windows and then took my screen shots.

There was also a box that allowed you to send a note to the reviewers. Apple is introducing sand-boxing for all apps submitted after 1st March 2012. I would have liked to sand-box Pic-a-POD, but sand-boxing stops the desktop being set. So I added a comment to this effect and I also submitted a bug report as requested.

The next step will be actually uploading the app and waiting for review. I’m just doing a last round of testing and then I will submit.

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