Mac App Store – Part 2

When I last posted, I was stuck on the tax section on the iTunes Connect setup. Since then I have made great progress.

As I was unable to register for GST online, I rang the Australian Tax Office and the person I spoke to there was extremely helpful. I needed to confirm my identity by giving him my TFN and various other details, but once that was complete, he was able to set me up for GST.

Once I had registered for GST, I felt that I had completed the contractual obligations set down by Apple, so I was able to proceed to request a Paid Mac Apps contract. This moved the contract to the Pending section with 3 red buttons labelled “Set up”: Contact, Bank & Tax.

Contact info was easy – there was a popup button for each role: legal, technical etc. My contact details were already there, but I added a new contact and assigned a contact person to each role.

Bank details were fine except for one oddity: iTunes Connect already had details of my bank account, but wouldn’t allow me to Save since I had made no changes. So I made a minor change to the name of my bank account (adding my title) and then was able to save. You can only change bank details once every 24 hours, so today I have been back and reset the name to the one on my bank statements.

Tax was the next hurdle. The tax info page had three buttons: Australia, USA and Canada. Clicking the Australia button got me to a page that wanted me to enter my ABN and upload documentation showing that I was registered for GST. I haven’t received the official notification of my GST status, but a search for my ABN at the Australian Business Register showed that my business is now registered. I printed that page as a PDF and uploaded it.

The USA section did not ask me to fill out IRS form W-8BEN as I had expected, but I checked the boxes saying that I was not a US resident and had to business interests in the US and that seems to be all. The Canada section was dealing with tax for Canadian residents so I left that.

At this point, all the red buttons had changed to white Edit buttons, and the contract was marked as “Under review” or something like that. With a few minutes it had been moved to the “Contracts In Effect” section and that part was done.

Now I feel that I have completed the paperwork aspect, so now I just need to get the app ready and upload it.

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