Preparing for the Mac App Store

As I wend my way through the administration required to get an app into the Mac App Store, I thought it might be interesting & useful to others if I reported my progress.

Firstly, I paid $99 for a one year Mac developer subscription. I already had an iOS developer subscription, so I was able to add to that with the same Apple ID.

The next step is to set up your account at iTunes Connect, which is your portal to the App Store.
Contracts, Tax and Banking are the first things to do, and that is where I am stuck right now.

I am in Australia, and I am an individual registered as a sole trader with an ABN (Australian Business Number) and a TFN (Tax File Number). I do not have a company registered. This was important when first signing up as a developer, because if you are representing a company, Apple requires documentation confirming the existence of that company. So I registered under my own name, not my trading name of TrozWare.

When you log in to iTunes Connect and go to the Contracts, Tax & Banking section, you get offered various contracts. If you only want to submit free apps to the App Store, then the default contracts are already in place. If you want to sell your apps, you need to request a paid apps contract.

I read through the contract before proceeding and came up against 2 hurdles: I need to be registered for GST (Australia’s Goods & Services Tax – similar to VAT or sales tax). I also need to fill up the US IRS form W-8BEN to show that I am not a US tax-payer so that tax is not withheld in the US.

Registering for GST sounds easy, but not for me. If I didn’t have an ABN already, I could have done both in a single step. Since I already have an ABN, I need to add the GST registration to my existing status, but the web site requires AusKey – some online security system. The AusKey system assumes that I would have the precursor to AusKey, which I don’t. So at the moment I am stuck and about to ring the tax office to get them to sort me out.

Stay tuned for more exciting installments….

2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Mac App Store

  1. Hello i have just read your blog about Preparing for the Mac App Store, this might be a little late considering that was written more than a year ago, but i need some help.

    I am currently also registered as a sole trader with an ABN. I want to register as a company but it seems there’s more to it than i thought.
    Is a sole trader with an ABN and a registered Business Name enough to get a D-U-N-S number and register as a company? It seems there’s no answer around.

    Thank you,
    Thanh Le

    1. I have not registered as a company, just as a sole trader and with my ABN, that was sufficient for my Apple account. It was not clear to me at first, but you do not need to have a US tax number or anything of the sort, if you declare that you are outside the US. However to sell in Australia, you do need to be registered for GST. Contact the ATO for details on that.

      Hope this helps – it is a few years now since I set this up, so some things may have changed.

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