Pic-a-POD for iOS

Pic-a-POD for iPad & iPhone is under construction. Here is a screen shot of the iPad version:

Pic-a-POD for iPadUnlike the desktop version, the iOS version will have no ability to set the devices wallpaper directly. Instead it has a feature that allows saving any picture to the Camera Roll. The Settings app can then be used to apply that pic to either the lock screen, the home pages or both.

2 thoughts on “Pic-a-POD for iOS

  1. Hi Sarah!

    Have just purchased an iPad2 and wonder when you expect your iOS version to be ready.
    I’m sure it’s a big job to put it together and look forward to using it.
    Have a good day!


  2. Hi Normand,

    The iOS app is coming along well. It is functioning now but needs a bit of tweaking. I plan to make the basic app free but only allow access to a single source. Paying in app will open access to all available sources. Implementing this is the only major task left.

    If you would like to beta test the app, email your iPad’s device ID to me to pod@troz.net. I have just published a post detailing how to get this: http://www.picapod.com/2011/11/08/finding-your-ios-devices-id/


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