About Pic-a-POD

Pic-a-POD is a utility application for Mac that downloads the picture of the day from a selection of web sites and optionally sets your desktop picture or wallpaper to a selected or random one of these pics.

As of 6th October 2018, Pic-a-POD is no longer supported and will be removed from the App Store shortly. It will continue to operate but if any of the source sites change their data format, Pic-a-POD will not be able to access them.

View Today’s PODs in your browser.

Download PODs from:

Set your desktop picture or wallpaper to any of the downloaded photos.

Change to a random desktop periodically from Pic-a-POD or from your iPhoto library.

Browse through all the downloaded pics.

Share the pics via Facebook, Twitter, Messages or email.
Pic-a-POD 2 for Mac